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Work with Tanya Borowski, Functional Nutritionist

Achieve your optimal health potential with a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Tanya Borowski, Certified Practitioner

Becoming a client of Nutritional Values

Tanya has trained extensively in Functional Medicine and is one of only 12 fully certified practitioners in the UK. Functional Medicine is a holistic and science-led approach which treats each person individually, focusing on the underlying factors that are causing and fueling your symptoms or condition. The guiding principle is getting to the root cause of health issues and thereby restore the body to optimal health and wellness.

The way that Tanya works with clients differs considerably from the conventional model so please do read the following information thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the process.

Somewhat like a health detective, Tanya will gather clues from your past, conduct thorough testing and scientific research to unlock your true vitality. The key to this is the development of a personalised 360° Health Treatment Plan which includes nutrition advice, botanical medicines, supplements, specialised dietary programs such as gut healing, weight-loss or tailored elimination diets, stress-management techniques and exercise advice. In Functional Medicine, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment so even if you and a friend have the same symptoms or condition you won’t get the same treatment plan because your journeys have been entirely different and unique.

Finding root causes, conducting testing, researching and connecting all the dots to best optimise your health, it takes time. In this type of work Tanya cannot truly help you in one to two sessions. It’s rather like committing to increase your fitness to run a marathon; a one off session at the gym or going to a class every once in while isn’t going to achieve your goal of completing that marathon. After years practicing in this way Tanya has a sense of how much time it may take to facilitate healing. Plan on a minimum of 5 months and for others it may be a longer process. It’s a commitment from both of you. You can read some testimonials from Tanya’s previous clients here.


4 Steps to address your root causes towards optimal health & vitality:

  1. Submit Appointment Request Form - please note lead times below for London and Sussex appointments.
  2. Part I: Case Review Appointment
    Part II: Treatment Plan Appointment
  3. Follow your 360° Health Treatment Plan
  4. Attend any Follow-Up Appointments

Summer 2017 update:
I am currently booked for new client appointments and will be taking sometime during July and August away from my clinic to research, attended further advanced training as well as spending some overdue quality time with my family. I will of course be supporting my existing clients throughout this period, within clinic hours.

If you have a new enquiry, please could you please Submit the Appointment Request Form in step one and if we are able to help, we can make a booking for you.

We have now filled new appointments from September - December from an existing waiting list, so bookings are being offered from January 2018.

There are some exciting resources coming for the Autumn: Specifically, around my passion for helping those with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism, digestive complaints & SIBO uncover their "root causes" to dis-ease. And, finally a new look website, so I've got a lot of support coming your way, so please stay tuned!

In the very best of health,

Tanya x

Further Details

1. Submit Appointment Request Form

In order to make sure you are a good medical fit and that your health goals are the right match for Tanya’s practice. Once reviewed by Tanya her team will contact you within three working days to book your Case Review Appointment. You will then be sent your Pre-Appointment Health Forms.

2. Part I: Case Review Appointment

60 -70 minutes £225
Attend your Case Review Appointment in clinic in Lewes or London:
The Barn, 64 Southover High St, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1JA - We have now filled new appointments from September - December from an existing waiting list, so bookings are being offered from January 2018.
The Natural Doctor, 69 Harley Street, London W1G 80E - lead time February 2018, so we will offer Lewes, Sussex as an option for you as well.


  • A detailed discussion about the information provided in your Pre-Appointment Health Forms
  • A review of your current diet, nutritional supplements and any medication
  • With your consent, a body systems functional health assessment is undertaken, that may include body composition analysis, pulse oxygenation, blood pressure and basic blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides analysis
  • Review of any current and relevant blood work you can provide
  • Time to discuss your symptoms, health concerns, social history, diet and exercise and thorough review of your medical history
  • Prescription of some foundational diet and lifestyle advice to follow based on the information gathered to date for this initial period
  • Ordering of possible laboratory testing to enhance treatment plan outcomes
    NB: Testing is not included in the consultation fee. Click here for further details of possible testing fees and FAQs.
    NB: With some clients, after taking a case history Tanya is able to provide enough information and dietary resources within this consultation to create your 360° Health Treatment Plan . This appointment will therefore be 70 minutes and charged at £295. Following this, you will then move directly to Follow-up Appointments.

Part II: Treatment Plan Appointment 70 minutes £295
This appointment is booked at the close of your Case Review Appointment 3-6 weeks later. Combining both the subjective data from your case history and the clinical data of any testing undertaken Tanya will deliver to you in person a detailed and individualised 360° Health Treatment Plan.
This appointment Includes:

  • Her hypothesis of your health complaints including a summary of the underlying patterns contributing to your symptoms
  • Talking you through your plan step by step and time for any questions you may have
  • Tanya’s professional review of laboratory testing results and personal case history
  • Your targeted bespoke food plan, lifestyle and appropriate supplement advice

3. Start following your 360° Health Treatment Plan!

4. Follow Up Appointment

30 minutes £95
45 minutes £143
60 minutes £190

You will have some scheduled Follow Up Appointments throughout the remainder of your Health Treatment Plan. These can be in clinic or via phone/ Skype.

  • Monitoring your response to treatment
  • Explanation any new laboratory findings
  • Adjustments to treatment based upon laboratory findings and your level of responsiveness
  • Ordering any follow up testing needed as treatment progress
  • Work to improve your health as soon as possible

Tanya looks forward to assessing and improving your health through a functional and nutritional approach and restoring you to the most optimum of health.

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