Mushroom Protein or A Cup of Tetley’s?!

I have read two oh so conflicting articles via Facebook posts from friends this morning and it’s really got me fired up! –  Here are the links to both:

The first one is an article written by about the beautiful life of one Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice Bar. The article starts “When juggling busy careers and lives, it’s not always easy to find the time to hit the gym or prepare a healthy meal. For inspiration, we’re asking influential women in a variety of industries to share a typical day of eats and fitness, to see just how they balance a healthy lifestyle with their jam-packed schedules”.

Key words that get my attention are “inspirational” & “typical day”….. I think, great, this is exactly what women are looking for, inspiration of how to look after themselves, as well as their family and manage a full time job. I read on…..  Chantal says” “I usually wake up at 6:30am, and start with some Kundalini meditation and a 23-minute breath set—along with a copper cup of silver needle and calendula tea—before my son Rohan wakes.”

My heart begins to sink – I’m in the nutrition industry, and I have no idea what silver needle??? and calendula tea is! So I’m fairly sure my clients don’t either. It gets better (or worse, in fact)…… before 9am she tells us…
“”At 8am, I had a warm, morning chi drink on my way to the school drop off, drunk in the car! It contains more than 25 grams of plant protein, thanks to vanilla mushroom protein and stone ground almond butter, and also has the super endocrine, brain, immunity, and libido- boosting powers of Brain Dust, cordyceps, reishi, maca, and Shilajit resin. I throw ho shou wu and pearl in as part of my beauty regime. I chase it with three quinton shots for mineralization and two lipospheric vitamin B-complex packets for energy.”

Okayyyyyyyyy, if I start talking to my clients or friends about Brain Dust, cordyceps, reishi, maca, and Shilajit resin they’d be out of the door headed for the first pub or cafe for sure feeling they could never live up to these standards! Or that I was living in Middle-Earth!

I feel so passionately about what I do and learn. I want to be able to empower clients and friends with lifestyle tips and recipes that they can realistically integrate into their busy lives to make a difference to their health and well-being. How about:

“Could you set you alarm for half an hour earlier to have 30 minutes to yourself to practice some stretching or yoga techniques, and have a glass of warm lemon water to start your day, rather than go immediately for the caffeine(the caffeine can come – don’t worry – but can we start with the lemon water)”.

Then I might give some breakfast ideas, for example all of us in our small family of 3 are currently enjoying some oats pre-soaked the night before in coconut milk(not too esoteric) and then in the morning add a handful of frozen blueberries, mixed nuts and seeds and I have some ground flaxseed too(as my hormones are changing –  but that’s another post!) –  and use Linwood’s, pre- ground. Or other morning’s scrambled eggs with avocado on a slice of rye toast or my flaxseed sandwich bread – recipe posted previously.

The point is to listen to where people are at, hear them and provide them with ideas that don’t overwhelm them or make them feel inadequate before they even start. I NEVER have time to spirialize a salad for lunch, but I can chop up 4-6 colours of veggies : a pepper, a carrot, a courgette, some celery, some pre- cooked broccoli from last nights dinner and some cauliflower- stick them in a zip lock bag and grab some protein in the form of hummus or a salmon burger that was again last nights dinner.

I don’t profess to be “an influential woman” in this industry, but wow if I was, I’d like to think I’d tell it a different way!:)

So, the second article that contrasted the first so dramatically is linked, it’s the polar opposite end of the spectrum –  and brings us right back down to earth for sure. I’m going to read more about kathleenkerridge .







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