Eight Tips For Healthy Eating in the New Year!

1. Read the label before buying anything: If artificial precedes another word- get rid of it! (Artificial fillers, sweeteners, preservatives, etc.)

The best indicators of how highly processed a food is can actually be found in the list of ingredients. If what you are buying contains more than 5 ingredients and includes a lot of unfamiliar, unpronounceable items you should reconsider before buying. Limit food choices that contain a food label on a box, packaged in a bag, or plastic wrapper- eat real whole food as often as possible.

2. Shop local: I recommend buying meat from a local butcher (know where your meat comes from), use farmers markets and veg box schemes for your produce and proteins. Riverford and Abel & Cole also do some really lovely delivery schemes.

3. Limit dairy: Most dairy is produced with unethical farming practices and contain a host of chemicals, hormones- if you do consume dairy, opt for organic and farm fresh.

4. Avoid eating out: Instead plan ahead and bring a home-cooked meal or healthy whole food snack with you. Half an avocado and some lemon juice or some chopped up veggies and hummous – it really doesn’t have to be complicated.

5. Toss the refined sugars: (crackers, crisps, pies, scones, biscuits, etc.). Sugar is the most inflammatory thing that we consume and most of us consume far too much. Recent studies showed sugar addiction to be a more powerful stimulator of dopamine reward pathways than cocaine! While it’s hard at first, going through a sugar detox will free you from the need to eat every hour or two to keep blood sugar stable and will give you mastery and control over your food choices since you’re not following cravings. Once you cut it out you’ll notice the beauty of mother natures sweetness such as a handful of berries and some nuts and you’ll find confectionery a thing of the past!

6. Add (raw) apple cider vinegar to your meals throughout the day to aid in digestion

7. Use healthy low-glycemic fruits to satisfy sweet cravings. You can make some delicious desserts in a healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving. Some of your best options are fresh or frozen organic berries, green apples, or a fresh fig.

8. Eat 8-10 servings of vegetables daily: Best bets are cruciferous vegetables, like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens. If you don’t like them steamed, broiled or raw, try a green smoothie drink with lots of spinach or kale – it’s delicious! Plants contain phytochemicals and these “chemicals” have so many health benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, aid liver detoxification pathways, modulate the gut microbiome…. See too many to mention, but my all time favorite, if I had to name it –broccoli!

Happy 2016
In the very best of health,
Tanya x

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