What’s Going On With Hashimotos

As my clinic draws to a close for 2015 – as does my practitioner training with The Hashimoto’s Institute: http://hashimotosinstitute.com
“The mission of the Hashimoto’s Institute is to transform the treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis worldwide through clinician and patient education efforts”.

I am so excited to have built upon my knowledge through Functional Medicine to be able to better apply this model in the UK with my clients. Hashimoto’s is so poorly diagnosed and managed, the answer however is not just to replace a synthetic drug(which actually is most often needed and required to best help lower TSH) with a glandular or supplement alternative – this is just poly green pharmacy!

The approach is to understand the interconnecting web of “whats going on” for that individual client and then by gradually alleviating triggers that fuel vicious cycles of dysfunction healing is better placed to occur. Here are a few areas/triggers that I look for, and provide fuel for that vicious cycle:

Are there nutrient depletions: commonly ferritin/iron(thyroid requires iron to function), B12, Vitamin D and Zinc.
Are there “infections”: most commonly associated with Hashimotos are h.pylori, Epstein Barr, Yersinia and more anecdotally Blastocystis hominis and SIBO.

Are there Food Sensitivities (not the same as an intolerance… but thats a whole other post!) – but a “sensitivity” is an immune response to a nutrient derived “trigger” – common ones in Hashimotos being gliadin (gluten) and casein.

Is there a poor stress response –  that causes adrenal dysfunction too.

There are other areas of the web to unwind and of course this all inter-connects to create a vicious cycle. For example – if a client is low in iron – do you supplement or do you dig deeper to assess “why” are they low in iron….. is the gut absorbing? is there too much dis-harmony within the gastrointestinal tract with SIBO and or dysbiosis that if you supplemented iron you’d simply be proving fuel for the bugs!

I am thrilled to be able work with Hashimotos and hypothyroid clients to best help them unwind the complexity of their own vicious cycle.

Yours in health as always,


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