Metabolic Cleanse programmes exclusively to FORM clients

Our 2 week Metabolic Cleanse, doesn’t mean you will be starving and living off celery, it does mean getting rid of foods that cause blood sugar spikes and upset gut health. By the end of the 14 days you’ll be leaner, less bloated and much better informed as to how to take control of your well being.

It does mean you can kick start some weight loss. Yes—14 days is all it takes to activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat and lose weight. We are going to help you break your addiction to sugar, wine and sneaky bits of processed foods.

It does mean you are going to feel happier and more energised, as well as seeing measurable improvements in blood sugar control. You may even notice a lessening of joint pain, asthma, headaches, brain fog, allergies, skin problems, and other bothersome symptoms.

So, If you’re ready to ignite weight loss and reboot your health after maybe a few too many glasses of rose this summer, We would like to invite you to take part in the FORM 14-Day Post Summer Metabolic Detox, run by our Functional Nutritionist Tanya Borowski

The 14-Day Metabolic Cleanse is for YOU if…
Numerous diets have failed and lost weight came back and then some! With the support provided with the program you can be sure you will get the guidance and push you need to follow through.
You’re tired of being food-deprived! A previous participant has called this program a “Detox for Foodies.” With 3 meals and a snack every day, including delicious soups, salads, side dishes and smoothies, you will NOT starve!
You don’t want to be a mathematician and partake in pointless calorie counting. Don’t count, just eat fresh whole foods!
You’re ready to make a lifestyle change that will yield the results you’ve been looking for! Many of the participants that started last year are still following the program…and continue to see dramatic improvements in their weight and health!
Here’s What Your 14-Day Metabolic Cleanse will include:

Kick-off workshop –Saturday 10th 10am:Tanya will share what to expect during the detox and exactly what to do to set yourself up for a successful fortnight.

Daily Nourishing Emails:These daily inspirational emails walk you through your detox step-by-step so you can relax and enjoy.

Done-for-You Meal Plan:You’ll eat real, delicious food and receive a 14 day menu plan with accompanying recipes.

Detox Recipe book:Having a healthy shopping list and recipes at your fingertips takes the guess work and mystery out of eating healthy. You’ll see that healthy eating can go hand in hand with a busy life. Your Detox Cookbook includes delicious for every meal as well as being a lovely addition to your recipe book collection post detox.

A Metabolic medical food supplement : UltraClear Plus® pH: 

Formulated to provide enhanced, specialised nutritional support to address metabolic detoxification. Featuring potassium citrate and sesame, this formula helps to promote alkalinization and support liver detoxification function. UltraClear Plus pH also features L-glycine and magnesium sulfate to support Phase II detoxification activities, as well as green tea catechins and mixed carotenoids to provide antioxidant protection against potentially harmful compounds generated during the natural detoxification process. A formula that provides well-rounded nutritional support in conjunction with the 14 day food plan.(rrp £55 incl postage)

You’ll enjoy community support:We’ll all start on the same day. On signing up you’ll receive access to a members only Facebook page to ask questions and share experiences with fellow “detoxers” and over the 14 days have access to a daily on-line Q&A live forum run between 10-11am so you never feel on you own.


In the FORM 14 Day Detox, you’re going to enjoy: 

  • Green Drinks – This will boost your energy!
  • Ayurvedic Teas – This will ease digestion and reduce cravings (don’t worry, nothing fancy here – it’s so simple it will astound you!)
  • Superfoods – These will make you feel full as well as provide your body with the nutrients it needs to really hum!
  • Whole fresh foods – This will help your body release toxins and combat internal inflammation

How are the 14 days split up?

Days 1-6 and Days 10-14 will include:

▪ 3 meals a day (meat or vegetarian option) plus an optional snack

Days 7, 8 and 9 are liquid days and will include:

▪ Vegetable juices

▪ Soups

▪ Smoothies

What results will you experience?

  • Reduce your sugar cravings  (in fact you’ll step away from all refined sugars!)
  • See a distinct glow to your skin tone
  • Release excess weight (clothes will fit easily)
  • Boost your energy  (remember what it felt like to wake up rested and not need a coffee in the afternoon?)
  • Have new tools for healthy eating

And just feel great!

Some past clients of Tanya’s comments

“I loved the detox feel great. Enjoyed cooking new recipes loved the smoothie soup am inspired by food again it’s been a long time. Thank you”

“My Skin is better and am sleeping better”

“Although not quite at 14 days, have weighed and measured: 2 kg down, with 3 cm off waist and 1cm off hips – pleased with the results”


The Main Event Programme £125 provides:

  • 14 days of medical food: UltraClear Plus® pH
  • Complete 2 week suggested menu plan with recipes (optional)
  • Smoothie / Juice / Soup recipes
  • An introduction workshop with Tanya
  • Facebook private group to share your experiences and ask questions
  • Additional tips and advise further aid detoxification and cleansing

The Totally Pampered Programme £799 provides:

A bespoke meal delivery service in addition to the information outlined above(London only):

  • Lunch, dinner and a snack – Not breakfast as this consists of your medical food and best made at home- it’s dead easy and nourishing, I promise!
  • Delivered to you by 6am each day in a cooler bag to your preferred location
  • Appropriate soups, protein shakes and green juices supplied on the liquid days
Both programmes options are overseen by Functional Nutrition health expert, Tanya Borowski.

This programme is nutritionally balanced and encourages a diverse nutrient dense whole food diet during the 14 days. It is not calorie restricted but certain foods are excluded, while others are encouraged.

To book:

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