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"Ask Tanya" Sessions
45 minutes Phone or Skype (£90)

The 45 minutes “Ask Tanya” sessions were developed for those who simply wish to pick the brain of a functionally trained nutritionist. These sessions are for you if you have some nutrition and or health related questions but do not wish to be a full-fledged client. Maybe you have listened to a number of podcasts or u-tube clips on gluten and are overwhelmed by the messages and would like to chat with a professional. Or maybe you want to discuss intermittent fasting and the pros and cons of its approach. It is a truly one-off session – there is no viewing no lab work, no case history taking, no follow up support, etc. Nor are they the route to becoming a patient. They are conducted via phone or Skype and are simply a time to ask a nutritionist the questions you’ve been pondering about!

Purchase your session here:

You will be e-mailed within 48 hours of your purchase to schedule in your Skype or phone session.




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