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Our bodies need the correct balance of nutrients to function optimally. Stress, pollution, poor diet, in fact the impact of everyday living, can all combine to deplete us of these essential nutrients and disrupt our natural equilibrium leaving us vulnerable to system imbalances and therefore physiological process.

These imbalances, if left unchecked start to then show as health complaints ranging from chronic pain, digestive issues, PMS, weight gain, fatigue and chronic dis-ease. Dis-ease quite literally means "moving away from 'ease'".

If you are reading this site I imagine somewhere along the line you started feeling "unwell" or just not yourself. Tired, gaining weight, foggy headed, "depressed" or told you where, in pain and uncomfortable. Maybe you've experienced having blood tests only to be told that "you are fine, all your tests are normal". Yet, you feel far from "normal".

The foundation of my practice is unravel the triggers that may have caused compromised health through the application of Functional Medicine, and am utterly passionate about it. I spend time with my clients, listening to their histories and mapping their personal story to a timeline looking to identify pre-disposing factors, triggers, and events that can under the right circumstances create the perfect storm (or put another way the preverbal straw that breaks the camel back) cumulatively to shift the set-point from health and wellness to symptoms and illness.

What is your poison?
Poor health presents in many ways: inflamed joints, migraines, IBS, weight fluctuations or pain, but it doesn't - just happen. These symptoms arise from the interaction of our genetic code with our environment or what in functional medicine we term triggers. A trigger is anything that activates a system to react such as a food, a hormone an infection from a virus or bacteria or a toxin.

A great analogy of this model is to think of our genetic code and ancestry as that that loads the gun but our environment, from the food we eat to the way we life our lives and exposure to stress hormones, toxins and infections are what pulls the trigger!

Tanya Borowski

Diet and lifestyle first
Fundamentally, food is a source of fuel or energy, necessary for our existence. But we also choose foods or drink because they can provide a state of connection to something else—like the sense of pleasure. Food is information. Food has a profound impact on physiology, conveying messages within the digestive system, metabolic processes, and cell signaling. Certain foods can help to reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar and insulin levels, support detoxification pathways, improve cellular energy production, and improve body composition. Conversely, food choices can increase inflammation, raise blood sugar and insulin, increase body fat storage, fail to prevent muscle loss, and adversely affect cellular energy, detoxification, elimination, and hormone balance.

And of course food is medicine. Diet and lifestyle can increase or decrease risks for chronic dis-ease; everyday we flooded with information in magazines, on the news and documentaries to confirm this. Dietary interventions can promote general wellness; more than that, they can provide a specifically tailored plan to meet the unique needs and health concerns for each and every one of us. We are all individual, and by combing the science of functional medicine with the healing properties of food we are moving into a new era of personalised medicine, one that involves customised food plans and allows food to be part of a medicinal approach to health, healing and graceful ageing.

Reading through my website will I hope, give you a great overview of how Functional Nutrition applied in this way can be a powerful tool in reaching your optimal health potential.

Based in London and Sussex with clinics in Harley Street, Lewes & Hurstmonceux appointments are available Monday - Friday some evenings & one Saturday a month. I also regularly run presentations at the newly opened FORM studios in Notting Hill, Sussex, Kent and surrounding areas, see the Events page for further details.

“Tanya is one of a kind. I have seen a lot of doctors and nutritionists in my time, and never have I had such an immediate turn around and healing of my body after just one appointment. She is so thorough in all that she does, and strives to understand the depth and complexity of each case..."


Helping you to achieve:

  • Optimal digestive function
  • Healthy weight management
  • Healthy ageing
  • Optimal vitality & energy
  • Hormonal balance

A LOVE for food & it's medicinal power!